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How flight support services can be customized?

2 December | 2021

How flight support services can be customized?

The most popular way of cooperation is Full Flight Support. FCG OPS acts as the outsourced operational department (dispatch center) of the customer. All related duties are provided by our dispatch center. So, there is no need in supporting in-house OCC.

But the most flexible way of cooperation is Partial Flight Support. This way of cooperation allows to distribute operational duties between FCG OPS and customer in a most efficient way. Part of OCC functions can be still performed inhouse to fulfill internal requirements and keep confidentiality. Scope of outsourced tasks can be designed individually according to the nature of duties, geography or timeframe.

Some examples of services that can be covered by our dispatch center:

1. Specific tasks from full scope.  You can select just one or several tasks from the list of services:

• Flight planning

• Handling arrangement

• Fuel tendering

• Permits assistance

• Travel services.

For example, all OCC functions performed inhouse, except handling arrangement. FCG OPS has it’s own ground handling network within more than 40 airports and direct contracts with airport worldwide. This allows us to offer not only competitive prices, but also seamless service. And you don’t need to waist your time searching the right contact to handle your flight in a new for your company location.

2. Specific regions: 

• Asia

• Africa

• Europe

• Middle East

• North America

• South America

• Russia and CIS countries

• Transatlantic

As of January 1, 2021, UK is no longer member of the EU economical area and EASA, it’s became one of the popular regions for outsourced services. For example, we can help UK operators with the arrangement of landing permits in the EU countries, as well as to assist EU operators to obtain UK landing permission (for the companies with UK TCO).

3. Specific time frames: 

• Weekends

• Night shifts

• High season

For example, outsourcing can be used only within summer peak-periods as assistance to inhouse OCC.

4. Specific flight purpose:

• Ad-hoc charters

• Regular charters

• Around-the-world flights

• Aircraft delivery

As an example, you want to perform around-the-world flight, but don’t have resources for planning and arrangement. Outsourced OCC can provide you with expertise and all necessary services.

Summing up, choosing Partial Flight Support option dispatch services are customized according to the needs of every customer.

Feel free to contact our commercial team for enquiries biz@fcg.aero.