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FCG OPS partners with IFOA

30 October | 2023

FCG OPS partners with IFOA

FCG OPS continues its partnership with the International Flight Operations Academy (IFOA), that provides access to world-class quality training and professional development services for aviation organizations and individuals eager to enhance their careers in different air transport industry sectors.

A unique Flight Dispatch Double Certification program will be held from 6th till 23th of November in FCG OPS premises in Riga, Latvia. FCG OPS has opened its facilities, including its dispatch center, to IFOA so its students can get an up-close look at aviation in action, not to mention some hands-on practical training. While flight dispatchers will gain more new knowledge and broaden their experience, we would be happy to support guys in any request issue during the training and stay in Riga.

“We are delighted to continue our cooperation with IFOA and provide our stunning home office for Flight Dispatch Initial training. This is an excellent way to ‘show off’ our company to potential future recruits and yet another way we continue to build a pipeline of talent,” says Sergey Starkov, CEO of FCG OPS.

“Embarking again on a groundbreaking journey, IFOA and FCG OPS forge a harmonious partnership in flight dispatch training, pioneering a unique Double Certification EASA/FAA worldwide. This alliance is a beacon of transformation, propelling the next generation of operational control professionals into a realm of unparalleled expertise and opportunity.

It’s not just about learning but also about immersing in an operational environment that epitomizes real-world dynamics. Indeed, the potential post-training internships with FCG OPS serve as a gateway for aspirants to translate learned skills into practical excellence, shaping the future of global aviation one professional at a time,” stated Vincent Incammicia, CEO of IFOA.

One of the secrets of a successful company is working with people, investment in educational, training aspects of your employees. It is a sustainable investment which leads company to success as boosting your company invaluable assets. In the long run it gives real financial returns and benefit your company. Aviation industry’s future is forced by well-educated, qualified, competent professionals who are motivated to face industry fast growing and reshaping dynamics.