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FCG OPS ist eine der größten zertifizierten Flugsicherungszentralen in Europa

und bietet Planung, Koordination und Kontrolle von Flügen sowie Bodenabfertigungsdienste in einem Netzwerk von mehr als 50 Flughäfen.

Umfassendes Angebot an Bodenabfertigungsdiensten

Die von den zertifizierten FCG-OPS-Mitarbeitern auf den Vorfeldern von mehr als 40 Flughäfen im Baltikum, in Skandinavien, in der GUS sowie in Osteuropa überwacht werden.

Umfassendes Angebot an Kraftstoffdienstleistungen

Für kommerzielle Flüge und Privatflüge.

Ein IATA-zertifiziertes Reisebüro

Das rund um die Uhr verfügbar ist und sich auf Dienstleistungen für Besatzungsmitglieder spezialisiert hat.


Im Laufe der mehr als 20 Jahre langen Unternehmenstätigkeit hat die FCG OPS, Teil der Flight Consulting Group (FCG), Flugerfahrung durch die Zusammenarbeit mit mehr als 400 Fluggesellschaften gesammelt.

Unser 25-köpfiges Flugsicherungslotsen-Team setzt im täglichen Betrieb auf einen detaillierten Ansatz für die Flugunterstützung, etablierte Kontakte, ihr Know-how und ihre effektiven Methoden.

FCG OPS ist eine der größten zertifizierten Flugsicherungszentralen in Europa und bietet Flugplanungs-, Koordinations- und Kontrolldienste an.

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Umfassendes Angebot an Bodenabfertigungsdiensten, die von den zertifizierten FCG-OPS-Mitarbeitern auf den Vorfeldern von mehr als 50 Flughäfen im Baltikum, in Skandinavien, in Zentralasien sowie in Osteuropa überwacht werden.

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Ein IATA-zertifiziertes Reisebüro, das rund um die Uhr verfügbar ist und sich auf Dienstleistungen für Besatzungsmitglieder spezialisiert hat.

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Umfassendes Angebot an Kraftstoffdienstleistungen für kommerzielle Flüge und Privatflüge.

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Since the outset of our operations, AIR HAMBURG has had an ever growing and improving relationship with the FCG group. This does not just apply to the strong support from your operations team, and FBO, but the trust you place in us with BBAC as our loyal client.

One of the things that we feel really sets FCG apart is the strength of FCG’s Latvian and Baltic background. The combination of European business mentality along with Russian language and connections really ensures that FCG is a clear winner for AIR HAMBURG in these regions.

Wim Van Vlaenderen
Commercial Director

FCG OPS is a team of professionals with great know how. They have proven in many occasions that they are the right partner for our operations. Add on top of this a great and easy communication and this is the perfect match.

Cédric Henriot
OCC Manager

With our fleet of XLS, CJ & PC24, Silver Cloud Air is working in close relationship with FCG since 2021. We appreciated the all year round 24/7 dispatch service, as well as the clear communication structures.

Jens Stein
NPFO, Member of the Board

We have worked with FCG OPS now for several years. They provide excellent service – questions are replied to swiftly, things are clear and simple, and the quality of service is excellent. FCG OPS is very efficient and extremely reliable.

Lotta Holmstrom
Flight Operations Team Leader

FCG are very knowledgeable and efficient, they are an asset to our organisation’s OCC. There is mutual respect and we at DC Aviation Group value their partnership and flight operations support.

Stanley Bugeja
DC Aviation

Throughout all these past years, we have always considered your company as a trustworthy, reliable and excellent business partner.

The quality of your services given has always been extremely important and valuable for Global Jet.

We look forward to a continued and prosperous business relationship between Global Jet and FCG.

Laurent Autier
Managing Director

Great achievement thanks to FCG highly professional work which provides your clients with exceptional service! In the fierce competition, in your Industry, this was not easy, to compete every day through last 20 years. FCG is constantly oriented to give your clients the best possible service.

Tim Pavlovich
Senior Advisor to the Board of Directors, Operations & Sales

We are working with FCG for more than 10 years. FCG proved during that time that it is a very reliable partner providing high quality solutions.

As in Operations there are always challenges, FCG makes a difference here how it approaches and solves any impending problems. This is the key differentiator as Avcon Jet as a high-volume Operator with more than 50 flights per day we need stable, reliable and high-quality services.

Maximilian Maruna
COO & Accountable Manager, Member of the board of directors

FCG has extensive experience, a large staff of dispatchers and modern dispatch center.

Also, IT tools, that give an opportunity to interact effectively both with FCG and our customers, should be highlighted. During three years of work, colleagues from the FCG have proven themselves as true professionals in their field, confidently supporting the expansion of our fleet without losing quality in the face of a significant increase in volumes.

Mikhail Kirillov
Executive Director

It was and still is a great pleasure working with you and your team since more than 10 years. We were always very satisfied with your great services and your well qualified and friendly employees. We trust in your work and we are looking forward for another long-term relationship.

Felix Feller

The win-win dynamics of the cooperation between our organizations creates for the passenger a seamless experience since we strive for perfection in service. Flight Consulting Group Team will personalize your travel experience.

David R. Colindres

FCG are great to work with, they have a professional and service minded support team!

Elsa Sirola
Sales & Operations Manager

FCG has been our valuable partner since many years. We count on their trip support for all our flights in the CIS region.

These missions can often be challenging. FCG is always ready to exceed our expectations no matter what surprises may come along. The ops team’s professionalism is unprecedented.
Throughout the years FCG has always offered the highest service. We highly value our strong relationship and mutual respect.

Lieven VAES
OCC Supervisor

In my over 40 years long aviation career in the worldwide business aviation community I encountered only a few business pearls and FCG is clearly one of them. I had the honor and privilege to witness their amazing growth in their baby and teenager times when their pearl was just a piece of sand. Their big pearl is shining not only in the Baltic countries but in many other locations.

Aviation expert
Former Air Routing International, Head of European office

MJET has very long-term cooperation with FCG that safely cover quite a big area of our operation.

We have our ups and downs like in any long-term relations, but still we are glad to use FCG. Ground support is efficient and fast. We never had a single complain.

Your main advantage is that you cover all region. So, in case of urgent schedule change, we have you in all nearby locations.

Polina Berestetska
Ground Operations