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Flight Consulting Group integrates inhouse flight scheduling system FCG ATOM with Leon Software

5 Mai | 2021

Flight Consulting Group integrates inhouse flight scheduling system FCG ATOM with Leon Software

Flight Consulting Group streamlines the flight planning and support processes by synchronizing FCG ATOM IT platform with Leon Software, a popular online system for air operators. The integration provides companies that use Leon with a real-time access to flight preparation status in the familiar system interface.

The real-time system-to-system data exchange between FCG ATOM and Leon facilitates the communication of all parties involved in the flight planning process. The two systems exchange information about flight schedules, crew and passenger lists, departure and landing times, CFMU slots, and the status of each ordered service.

The integration of the platforms via API will eliminate duplicate actions, reduce manual operations and the number of phone calls, and minimize the risks of typing mistakes. This is not the first successful integration that has been implemented by Flight Consulting Group – the FCG ATOM platform is synchronized with several customer systems.

“The online monitoring capability allows our clients to keep an eye on every step of the flight planning process and make well-timed changes”, commented in Flight Consulting Group. “With this in mind, we created the FCG ATOM customer portal several years ago. It gives our customers a direct access to the system in a user-friendly intuitive interface. The integration of FCG ATOM and Leon systems is the next step towards optimizing the workflow. Using the leading automation and integration practices, we strive to make the flight planning process simpler, faster and even more transparent for all stakeholders”.

FCG ATOM is a unique IT platform that incorporates the functionalities of ERP (enterprise resource planning), CRM (customer relationship management), flight management, reporting and business analytics. The platform is successfully used by Flight Consulting Group and its clients. The functionality of the system is constantly updated according to the industry needs and trends.

Leon Software is a cloud-based flight scheduling and flight management solution. It includes intelligent tools for flight scheduling, crew management, flight operations and MRO.

The synchronization of FCG АТОМ and Leon systems allowed to:

– Provide instant data exchange

– Eliminate duplicate actions

– Reduce typing mistakes

– Reduce the volume of phone calls and emails between involved parties

– Provide customers and suppliers with an access to real-time flight preparation status in both FCG ATOM and Leon systems.