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FCG OPS 2021 Wrap Up

28 Januar | 2022

FCG OPS 2021 Wrap Up

2021 has been a very challenging year with a dramatic increase in business aviation in general – FCG OPS has observed more than 50% increase in flights and an almost 25% increase in staff.

Additionally, we have expanded to Europe’s major regions: UK and DACH, set up local representative units, joined local and regional business aviation associations (GBAA, ACA) and gained immense knowledge by participating in global exhibitions and conferences.
We have also strengthened our service quality in all FCG OPS ground handling network locations.

A significant step forward is online access to flight monitoring for all our customers in ATOM. FCG ATOM has been synchronised with the popular LEON software to allow companies to manage the flight processes in their familiar system interface.

Our goals for 2022:

  • Strengthen UK and DACH representative units, launch representative unit in Poland.
  • Extend ground handling network in Romania and Poland.
  • Launch digital fuel tendering platform.