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FCG OPS develops stations in Bulgaria

10 Mai | 2023

FCG OPS develops stations in Bulgaria

FCG OPS continues to develop ground handling network and announces the appointment of Vladimir Zlatanov as country manager in Bulgaria.

The company has already been providing a full range of airport ground handling services in Bulgaria, including Sofia (LBSF), Burgas (LBBG) and Varna (LBWN) and appointment of the country manager is the next step of development in order to provide better service.

Vladimir is a highly experienced aviation professional with more than 20 years in the industry. Prior to joining FCG OPS he held positions of ground handling agent, airside operations supervisor and airline representative. He will be responsible for establishing services at the largest Bulgarian airports, managing the team of local supervisors, developing relationships with suppliers, and providing quality control.

“Quality is the core of FCG OPS strategy. We invest in our team to provide a consistent quality of service at each of the airports we are presented in. We already have a great experience with country managers in Poland and Romania, and Vladimir Zlatanov will strengthen our position in Bulgaria. He has an excellent understanding of the local specifics and can provide fast professional support on site,” said Sergey Starkov, CEO of FCG OPS.

Strengthening and expanding FCG OPS presence in Europe is one of the company’s strategic goals. The focus is to provide high-quality ground handling services supervised by the certified staff at airports across the FCG OPS network, which already covers more than 50 airports in 28 countries in the Baltics, Scandinavia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe.

FCG OPS is certified for airport handling of business aviation, military, cargo, medical, and commercial charter flights. It provides a full range of services, including ground handling, refueling, in-flight catering, hotel accommodation, transfers and customs support.