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FCG OPS joins EBAA Ambassador program

19 Juni | 2023

FCG OPS joins EBAA Ambassador program

FCG OPS is honoured to announce that it has joined the EBAA Ambassador Program, by invitation of the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA).

The Ambassador Program was launched in 2021 and now unites 27 members. EBAA Ambassadors contribute to EBAA’s mission to enable responsible, sustainable growth for Business aviation, enhancing connectivity and creating opportunities.

“We’ve been EBAA’s member for more than 10 years, and FCG OPS team is more than grateful for this trust and proud for the opportunity to represent the industry together with other brilliant business aviation leaders explaining the value that business aviation brings,” said Sergey Starkov, CEO of FCG OPS.

The Business aviation sector needs to join forces to address some of the perception challenges that are directly impacting the sector’s ability to get its voice heard in the policy debate, attract talent, and secure economic growth.

„We are very pleased to welcome FCG OPS as a valued EBAA Ambassador,“ stated Robert Baltus, COO of EBAA. „This collaboration reflects our ongoing efforts to cultivate strategic alliances with members across different European countries, furthering our collective advocacy for the crucial role of business aviation.“

EBAA Ambassadors have a deep understanding of Business aviation’s positive impact on European society. At the same time, they are aware of the challenges faced and are committed to accelerating positive changes to overcome them.

FCG OPS, as an EBAA Ambassador, will contribute to strengthening positive, benefits-oriented and more constructive image of business aviation.