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FCG OPS is one of the largest operational control centers in Europe

Providing international trip support and dispatch services as well as ground handling support within a network of more than 50 airports.

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Who we serve

FCG OPS is certified 24/7 dispatch center offering individual, flexible flight & trip support solutions for:

Air operators

Cargo, charter/ACMI, regular, business aviation

Ambulance flights

Aircraft delivery

Private aircraft

Military & governmental organisations

Trip support companies


Flight authorization

  • Obtaining overflight and landing permits
  • Reliable and timely approvals ensured by direct contacts with CAA
  • Block permits obtaining
  • Air navigation payment

Flight planning

  • Route development, analysis and optimisation using different software (PPS, ARINC, JetPlanner, Foreflight)
  • OFP calculation
  • ATC FPL filing
  • CFMU slot management
  • Flight watch and movement control
  • NOTAMs checks
  • Weather checks

Ground services arrangement

  • Slots, PPR, parking
  • Ground handling (exclusive volume-based discounts)
  • Security, customs and immigration (APIS submission, GENDEC, RCF, GAR, etc.)
  • Fuel coordination with the supplier and into-plane agent
  • Catering arrangement service

How our services can be customised?

We offer a full scope of services that accurately corresponds to the specific needs of our customers.

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Customer access to FCG scheduling system ATOM

Access to all relevant information about the flight

  • Status of each service (permits, handling, catering)
  • Crew and passenger lists
  • Provider contact information

A user-friendly fleet scheduling timeline

Full flights archive

Data exchange setup with a scheduling system

Report and document generation

Full airport data base

Actual, real-time NOTAMs and weather reports

Why choose dispatch outsourcing instead of in-house OCC

Pay-per-flight approach

Instead of having fixed monthly expenses for in-house dispatchers, certification, office rent, software, and other related costs, you will pay a fixed rate for only the flights performed.

This approach reduces the effects of seasonal flights, e.g. when OCC is overloaded during the summer and quieter in winter. You have access to an unlimited number of certified dispatchers and can use them as much as necessary. 

The total cost of OCC (including indirect and invisible costs) is much lower when outsourcing.

Access to discounted 3rd party rates

FCG OPS accumulates many flights from various air companies reaching more than 15 000 legs per year. Such volume and long-term partnerships allow our customers to receive great discounts for ground handling, fuel, and other services. 

Our procurement team does daily price tendering, signs agreements, and prepares trip cost estimates. A dedicated travel team with an IATA license is focused on services for crew members (hotels, tickets, transfers) by using professional, travel agent resources.

Accumulated experience & quality

For more than 20 years FCG OPS has accumulated experience with more than 400 air companies. Their approach to flight support, established contacts, knowledge and effective tips are used by our team of 25 dispatchers in their daily routine. Continuous participation in industry events, internal and external training and experience exchange with our partners allows us to keep up to date.

FCG OPS dispatchers are trained in accordance with the ICAO manual. Many of them are holding FAA, IATA, Jeppesen and other licenses.

The company is annually audited by Austrian, Swiss, Maltese, German, San Marino and other CAA’s.


For operational questions (24/7)

+371 67 207 721
+371 27 324 677
(also for WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber)



For commercial enquiries

+371 22 825 266


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