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An IATA certified 24/7 travel agency specialising in services for aviation crew members.

Specialisation in this area allows us to provide the most suitable and comfortable services designed specifically for crew members and their operation specifics.

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IATA certified

24/7 availability

Crew oriented

Professional booking systems



Worldwide arrangement of passenger limousines and crew transfers, including car rental,  as well as trip monitoring and management of the services in line with any changes to the flight schedule.



Contracted and discounted hotel room rates available for flight crew. The most suitable hotels can be offered based on the distance from the airport and/or city center, local amenities and availability for early/late check in for example.


Travelling is made easy with our route and itinerary planning services. With corporate rates for air tickets, ferries and railway, even the most complex route optimisation can be coordinated and alternatives suggested for cost savings comparisons.

A-Z Trip Logistics

Full organisation of the entire logistics and program of the trip, adjusting the service package for individual needs.

Visa Support

Assistance (independent or in cooperation with partners) with obtaining the necessary visa for a trip, depending on local specifics.


As a result of supporting more than 15 000 flights per year, our travel agents have the necessary experience in worldwide flight catering arrangements. If you need a simple crew meal or an à la carte option for 50 passengers, we will take care of ordering, delivery, control and invoicing.



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